Scarlet Sundance

The first release from Peripheral Bliss will take you on an extraordinary down tempo journey. Relax and let Scarlet Sundance induce a meditative mental state as you travel down sonic paths that weave into a fabric of enlightenment and tranquility. A mixture of live tracks and overdubs keep the energy moving and progressive loops, guitar delays and sound pads flow into a unique 72 minute sound experience. Visit CD Baby or one of the retailers listed below to Purchase Scarlet Sundance.

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Here's what the people are saying:

Interesting ambient CD. Check it out today!

author: staff

"Scarlet Sundance" is an ambient CD with tranquil, flowing tracks. The strength in the CD lies in the many keyboard/synthesizer sounds layered on top of each other and transitioning between each other to create tracks that gradually progress and change to create a beautiful and imaginative soundscape. Close your eyes and listen to these tracks and feel yourself floating into the sky. The tracks on this CD are excellent as background music as you go through your daily tasks, if you want to get inspired, or if you want to relax. Our favorite track is the title track, with its interesting instrumentation changes including memorable bass loops, guitar loops, and percussive work. If you enjoy ambient music, or are looking for backing music as you perform your daily activities, then check out this CD. Pick up a copy today!

Really great guitar driven ambient

author: MTA

This is really nice, richly layered ambient music. The rhythms steadily build and transition from one section to another, all while maintaining enough repetition to be meditative and enough variation to be interesting. The guitar provides a distinctive -- almost jangling -- musicality without being jarring. This distinguishes Peripheral Bliss from the more typical, synthesizer driven ambient. The lyrical layers are enhanced by a percussion mix of steady base beats and progressively complex rhythms.

Highly Recommended

author: JS

Well-structured ambient goodness with the right balance of electronica and guitar. Passes Eno's "ignorable" test or you can focus in on its layers and waves. If you like Aphex Twin or Explosions in the Sky you'll like this CD.

Your Own Personal Soundtrack

author: neal

The first time I heard the opening notes I knew I had found something special. My mind became at once open and closed in on itself. Meditative and evocative. A score for my thoughts and visions. Time for another record, guys.